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FIFA 18 Coins Hack and Mod


On the eve of E3 2017, the world's largest video game fair, which AT Games will cover from the weekend in Los Angeles (read details here ), Electronic Arts (EA) has fooled Fifa fans by revealing first information of the new edition of the soccer simulator. All to further raise the expectation for the presentation of the game on Saturday (10) during the conference of the company at E3.

In addition to the official trailer, which brings Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Real Madrid, as the highlight (it will be the cover of the simulator), it is known that the game will be released on September 29 for PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and One, Nintendo Switch and PC. But it goes without saying that game editions for the last generation consoles will not have all the FIFA 18 coin generator Xbox 360 functions available for free fifa 18 coins.


Despite not giving up the previous generation of handsets, EA is making it increasingly clear that the cycle of PS3 and Xbox 360 is nearing its end. This year, these consoles and also the Switch will not count on the sequence of the Journey Mode, titled Hunter Regressa.

There is more: the Frostbite graphics engine has not received a special version for these video games. Therefore, there is not much to expect from innovation in FIFA 18 for these platforms.

In contrast, on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Frostbite has been improved. Proof of this is the trailer, which signals a considerable graphic advance. For the game, Cristiano Ronaldo had his movements captured in the field, so that they were even closer to reality and in the launch Any one who haves FIFA 18 free coins can have him.


Only through the trailer has it become clear that FIFA's exclusivity agreement with Microsoft is no longer the same strategy as Astuces FIFA 18 .

While the Xbox partnership with EA Access - a service that gives its users early access to virtually every game in the company - legends, formerly called Legends, will be present on all platforms and will now be called Icons.
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